Sage Jerky

Sage is a very famous herb for many different jerky recipes. If you tried once some jerky made with sage you will understand. Here you have a very standard sage recipe. If you know the taste of sage already and you love it we recommend to add more sage.


1 kg Beef
250 ml  Soy Sauce
100 ml Worcestershiresauce
1/2 bottle Tabasco sauce
2 sprigs Thyme
3 leaves Sage
3 sprigs Rosemary
5 cloves Garlic
50 ml Olive oil

Several stripes of sage jerky in a yellow bowl



Cut all the herbs as small as possible. Press the garlic. Mix all together and give it in a plastic back. The meet has to be cuttet in approx 0.5 cm small pieces. Give them into the plastic back. By shaking the bag you take sure every part is well marinaded. Leave it in a fridge for at least half a day.

Place it on a oven roast and take sure the slices are not touching each other. Place it in a oven 65 degrees warm oven for at least 7 hours. If you put a wooden-spoon between the door and the oven the humity escapes easily and the meat dehydrates faster.

If you use a proper dehydrator just follow the guidance.

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