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Special Thai Jerky

Almost every kind of Jerky always taste the same. It just variate in spiciness or if you add BBQ flavors or not. But there are many more opportunities. This recipe comes up with the idea of flavored meet. If it’s delicious? you have to judge!!!

Preferably beef is the best meet for this recipe. But it’s always good to be open minded. Have a test with chicken and pork and some other kinds.



500 gramm Meet
50 gramm Ginger
1/2 bunch Basil
1/2 bunch Coriander
12 tbs. Chili flakes
3 ts. Garlic powder
2-3 tbs. Soybean oil
2-3 tbs. Fish oil
1 ts. Red curry paste


This special jerky is made with ginger and red curry paste

How to

Kindly chop basil and coriander. Leave it beside. Mix all ingredients together. Be careful by adding curry paste. It’s very strong and full of flavors. It’s better to add step by step up to your taste. If you’re happy with you marinade add the herbs and mix it in.

Your meet should be already cuttet in thin slices. If not, do it! Add the slices piece by piece and take sure every part is well marinaded. When it’s done let it marinate for approx. 3-4 hours. Not to long or the herbs will get a bitter taste.

Hang it up in your oven and heat it up to 80 degrees. After approx. 10-12 hours (depending on the thickness of your meet stripes) your tasty jerky is done. Other recipes recommend a shorter dehydration period with a higher temperature. You shouldn’t do it with this thai jerky because the herbes can get burned.

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