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Teriyaki Jerky

Teriyaki is a special sauce, meat-eaters love it. That’s the same reason so many people are looking for teriyaki jerky recipes. Here is one of the best ones. It’s quite simple. By the way: the best recipes always combine just a few but well selected incredients to a perfect composition of taste. This recipe follows this rule. Have a try and let us now how good it taste.


750 gramm Beef
110 ml Teriyaki sauce
150 ml. Worcestershiresauce
5 ml Liquid smoke
80 ml Soy sauce
1 tbsp. Onion powder
1/2 tbsp. Garlic powder
 1/4 tbsp. cayenne powder
 1 tbsp. Black pepper
 1 tbsp. Sea salt
 1 tbsp. Red pepper flakes
 3 tbsp. Brown sugar
10 ml Honey
5 ml Maple syrup

fine slices of fresh homemade jerky, teriyaki flavored


How to

Did you bought already sliced meet? If not this should be the first step. Cut it in fine thin slices. Thickness should be max. 1/2 cm. If you see some fat strings remove them. It will ruin the jerky taste very soon. Keep it refrigerated for a moment.

For the marinade mix all you ingredients together. Add you meet. Preferably piece by piece. Knead it a moment. So you take sure your marinade goes into your meet. Marinate it for several hours. 3-5 hours are perfect. You can marinate it longer but it wont affect that much.

Remove you meet from the marinade and place it on paper towels for a moment. !DON’T! keep the marinade. It’s bet but you have to through it away. After contacting with the meet it contains bacterias. Keeping it will turn it into a dangerous cocktail. Take you dehydrator according the manual to dehydrate your meet. If you wanna use your oven it’s fine. Just preheat it up to 150 degrees an place your jerky inside for 5-6 hours. Are you more patient go down to 80 degrees and leave it inside for 10-12 hours. For a perfect dehydration just place your meet slices on a oven grid. Put a woddenspoon between oven and the door. This helps to remove the humidity and support the process of dehydration.

Your meet is done when it becomes very dry with fine shiny surface.


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